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WorldAbout With Grace Farah - Radio Talk Show

Feb 27, 2022

Imagine a place where instead of borrowing a book to read a story you borrow a person to discuss their story? In this episode, Grace sits down with the creator of the Human Library, Ronni Abergel discussing the need for a library where people can loan a human book, persons who have experienced prejudice,...

Feb 12, 2022

Meet the amazing Lorraine Jenks, THE ‘LITTLE GREEN QUEEN’
an advocate for climate change, greening, sustainability and ethical nutrition, Lorraine has been championing sustainable resources and going green for over 50 years, and gets real about what is really going on and what we can do for our planet.

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Feb 9, 2022

What makes you the way you are—and what makes each of us different from everyone else? On this episode of 'WorldAbout', Grace talks with leading neuroscientist, Kevin Mitchell; and discusses how the wiring of our brains shapes who we are; and the fascinating question, 'What came first, consciousness or the brain?'